About Yasser Darwish and The Egyptian Celebration

Yasser Darwish was born in Alexandria, Egypt on the coast of the Mediterranean. He learned to dance as a child from his uncle who led a semi-professional dance group that performed at weddings and local community events. When he was 18, he studied with the Alexandria Folk Dance Group, the State dance company that offered a training program for promising young dancers. After only one year, he was invited to join the professional performing company with whom he toured internationally.

Yasser was also seen on public television and large-scale national celebrations for prominent celebrities including the president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. Yasser worked with the company for ten years before joining the National Folkloric Dance Company of Egypt. He participated on national tours with this group for almost two years. During this time, he also became a master of Tanoura or the Whirling Dervish dance: a style inspired by a meditation associated with the mystical religious order Sufism – originating from present-day Syria and Turkey.

A distinct Egyptian variant developed that Yasser performs and from which he derives his name – Darwish. Yasser founded the Egyptian Celebration Company in 2001. Its goal: to present the rich culture of Egypt and the Middle East to people around the world. Collecting talented dancers, musicians, and artists, Yasser presents the folkloric dances/music of his heritage infused with modern streaks of inspiration.

The Egyptian Celebration Company can be seen at heritage festivals, schools, universities, television programs, weddings, nursing homes and private parties. Recent appearances include Good Day New York (Fox 5), and The Riverside Theatre (NYC). The Company also provides educational workshops and demonstrations/performances and travels Nationally and Internationally. Yasser is a currently a resident Folk feet Artist of the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Recent Appearances:

  • Lincoln Center The Egyptian Embassy of New York City Westchester Arts Council
  • The United Nations City University of New YorkThe National Arts Club
  • Queens Arts CouncilThe Arabic American Association
  • The Arab American Professionals
  • The Egyptian-American Businessmen
  • The Brooklyn Arts Council
  • Houston Texas Arab American Festival
  • Sanfrncsco Arab Festival
  • Perform for Qatar airline in Houston